Crafting an iconic tough tech brand


A business case

Wormsensing is a Tough-Tech company using advanced materials technologies. Their solution is a unique combination of know-how from the nuclear, semiconductor, and printing industries. As an aspiring leader in advanced materials, their founders believe high-performance materials and cutting-edge research should benefit the general public without being limited to high-end niche applications. With this vision in mind and the certainty of accompanying a true game changer, La Colmena designed a collaborative process to help generate a brand fit for its ambition.



It was essential to grasp the business context precisely by identifying the undeniable changes underway. We discover a stagnant innovation market where the different players have reached the limits of what traditional materials and processes can provide. The old game turned around the idea of Access For All, connecting data to cloud repositories and analysis software. We identified a new set of rules for the new game: from access to performance for all. From connecting data to revolutionizing processes, materials systems, and components. From opening the game to a few to redesigning the game for all. There was space to innovate in terms of storytelling as well, with most of the players orbiting around the role of “enablers” of Digital Transformation “first” to catalyze then a more significant change (for the enterprise or a larger one, such as a positive future, a greener world, etc.).

Because of Wormsensing’s distinctiveness and potential, we looked for a strategy that could progress and evolve with its technologies and solutions for the corporation and the products.

From our conversations with Wormsensing Founders, it was clear their venture builds up from a passion for mathematics, science, and techs. Theirs is a story crafted in the interrelationship between fields and disciplines, made of conceptual elegance and about the universal simplicity and certainty of the finest mathematical equation. Wormsensing is the story of Beautiful Science used to refine robust solutions with the fundamental ability to change the game wherever they are applied.


Our first recommendation was slightly reframing the brand’s name to gain strength and relevance. We opted to shorten it from “worsening” to “worms” to open the spectrum of possibilities regarding distinctiveness and power. It works as the perfect umbrella for the sophisticated empowering solutions in the pipeline, and it scales beyond piezo materials, measure and testing monitoring, and B2B.

We agreed on three fundamental principles when translating the story of beautiful science into timeless identity. It had to be robust, pure, and scalable. We focused on the elegance of mathematics as the language of science. We used the Greek letter “mu”—µ— the symbol of the micron, to craft an impactful identity across the breadth of environments and spaces needed while ensuring every moment builds the brand’s game-changing status and gives the brand a full range of expression.


It was essential for La Colmena to deliver a digital channel with adaptability and flexibility at the core through an elegant experience. With our partner, Jonay Ruiz, we focused on the latest web development techniques to deliver augmented speed, accessibility, and user experience.

The website has an ad hoc CMS and design toolkit, allowing our client the freedom to accompany Worms’ business scalability digitally over the next 5 to 8 years. The result is a digital channel delivering clarity on what Worms does today and its vast potential for the years to come.